This Blog Is Ended

Dear friends,

I announce the end of this Blog, Just a Curmudgeon, and of its predecessor A Christian Curmudgeon, as well as the aborted attempt to begin A Reformed Reformed Episcopalian where I had hoped to show that a Reformed Episcopalian (theological term) is a Reformed Episcopalian (denominational term) historically speaking, both in terms of historic Anglicanism and of the founding of the Reformed Episcopal Church. However, this latter project never came to fruition.

One of the vows a Reformed Episcopal minister (presbyter, minister, pastor, priest - you choose) takes is to obey his Bishop. My Bishop, whom I consider also to be my pastor of 5 years and my friend of 50+ years, has directed me not to continue my work as a Blogger. While I know he has been from time to time displeased with the content of my Blogs and other comments as they related to the Reformed Episcopal Church, his reason(s) for directing me not to Blog have to do with me - who I am and my life's failings. In this case, the fault is not at all with him and entirely with me.

I remain a Reformed Episcopalian. I am in agreement with the 1662 Book of Common Prayer (though my preference would be the Edwardian Prayer Book), the 39 Articles of Religion, and the preaching, teaching, and writing of the English martyr Thomas Cranmer, and the Founding Principles of the Reformed Episcopal Church. I also accept and submit to Episcopal government. I believe in Prayer Book worship, the Articles, the equality of ministry of Word and Sacrament, weekly Holy Communion, and the Church Year.

So long as I continue under my Bishop's authority (and I do not anticipate it being otherwise) and a Reformed Episcopalian, I am due to submit to his lawful Episcopal authority.

So I must bring my Blogging life to and end, and, for now at least, my preaching life. I shall miss them both.

Having happily retired as a Presbyterian minister, and now seeing the end of my ministry as an REC minister, I am grateful that, however unworthy I am, God has spared me in ministry since 1972, though I wonder why he has so done.

The contents of the three Blogs remain available at the 3 links above.

I ask your prayers and I commend you all to the mercy of God.


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