A Chirstmas Carol

A Carol for a Warm Christmas

O the weather outside is balmy
and in here too hot for holly
but we don't have money to go
where there's snow, where there's snow, where there's snow

When at nine we both say goodnight
we won't fear from the cold any harm
so we won't hold each other tight
all the night long it's too warm

The almanac was a liar
so we're watching a fake fire
and since we don't have no dough
we can't go where there's snow where there's snow

So when it's time we both hit the hay
we will pray for some cold in the morn
we'll be wearing our summer pjs
so on snow we won't bet the farm

So if you'll send us some money
we won't spend it on a pony
we'll be saying our ho, ho, ho's
where there's snow, where there's snow, where there's snow

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