31 Truths to Doubt

They Ain't Necessarily So

Some accepted truths there are reasons to doubt (in no particular order). There are things here to irritate almost everyone, and one on which all will agree:

1. You voted for Trump because you are a Christian.

2. You oppose Trump because you are a Christian.

3. Only a woman can understand and can minister to the deepest needs of women.

4. There is only one person in the world who's right for you, so look hard and be sure.

5. Couples should have a weekly date night.

6. Christians who believe in an old universe have capitulated to unbelieving science.

7. Only black people understand the black experience and white privilege, so only black people can speak about issues in the black community.

8. Churches can be relevant only if they do practical ministries that meet people's perceived needs (how to parent, how to handle money, exercising with Christian music, creating enterprise zones), etc.

9. The church must have a prophetic voice by speaking to social and political issues of the day.

10. Anglicanism is or should be a halfway house between Rome and Protestantism.

11. Spiritual ministers preach long sermons and spiritual congregations demand them.

10. Frequent celebration of the Lord’s Supper makes it less meaningful.

11. "Blessed Assurance" is a true and glorious expression of Christian experience.

12. Tim Bayly is a great defender of Christianity without compromise.

13. If you want your children to be godly spank them early and often.

14. Home school your kids so they will not be socialized by peers from other families in either the public or the Christian school.

15. Anything that looks or feels Roman Catholic is.

16. Christians should speak to and instruct the government on its duties from the Bible.

17. An education in any Christian school, including the most rigid fundamentalist ones, is always better than education in any public schools.

18. Questioning the perspective of black evangelicals on matters of race, society, politics, and church betrays a latent or crypto racism.

19. It is un-Christian to believe in providing health care through a single payer system.

20. It is un-Christian to believe in providing health care through the free market.

21. Christians should study the Bibles to form their political views and vote accordingly.

22. Vaccinations are bad for you and your kids and are a conspiracy involving big-pharma, medical professionals, and government

23. Organic foods are better for your health.

24. Churches should provide gluten and wine free Communion.

25. Whatever is natural is best.

26. "Saved" ("life now is sweet and my joy is complete") tells the truth about post-conversion experience.

27. Anglicans should look at the English Reformation as an unfortunate and overwrought historical turn and return to the catholic (with no pope) doctrine and worship of the pre-39 Articles English Church.

28. Traffic law enforcement is all about public safety.

29. Betsy DeVos is qualified to be Secretary of Education because she is a Christian and believes in charter schools.

30. Betsy DeVos bought her position with contributions to politicians and is totally unqualified to be Secretary of Education.

31. Bill Smith is always right.


  1. So I suppose you think U.S. immigration policy should be Christian.

    1. https://justacurmudgeon.blogspot.com/2017/02/who-cares-what-tim-keller-says.html

  2. Are you going to expand this list up to 95 items by October?


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