Chris McDaniel Has a Ryan Walters Problem

Chris to Ryan: Cool It!

Today Ryan Walter has up a piece explaining and defending himself for tweets he wrote yesterday offering to help a Democrat get elected to the "Cochran seat" in the United States: No, Mississippi Conservative Daily Did Not Endorse a Democrat for US Senate: An Open Letter from Ryan S. Walters, Editor of MCD.

Ryan's tweets apparently stirred up enough trouble to merit Ryan a phone call from Senator McDaniel: "In fact, he called me last night and, in his kind way, told me to pipe down." When a politician distinguished in part by his throwing Molotov cocktails such as accusing Cindy Hyde-Smith of not supporting the Second Amendment, has to tell Ryan Walters to "pipe down" however kindly, you know Ryan has made some pretty deep doo-doo. 

Ryan's piece this morning is typical Ryan:

Typical writing
Yesterday, the Roger Wicker campaign released two new attack ads aimed at Senator McDaniel. I found the ads to be pathetic, distasteful, and uncalled for. And, yes, they made me quite angry. McDaniel has already switched races, although he had not officially taken his name out of contention, an action he took on Wednesday. But Wicker’s despicable “stink tank” saw fit to continue to smear him. And I’m not sure as to the real reason why. Could it be to lift Cindy Hyde-Smith’s floundering candidacy? That in itself is pathetic! 
Cogent, compelling writing: “pathetic, distasteful, uncalled for…yes they made me angry’…despicable ‘stink tank” – some of Ryan’s favorite words for building a logical argument: pathetic (used twice in same paragraph), distasteful, uncalled for. And Ryan is angry. Nothing new there. Ryan is usually angry, and his anger drives much of his writing.

Typical self-knowledge: 

When Senator McDaniel made his decision to switch races, I immediately ceased all research, articles, and social media posts against Roger Wicker. I told our team to turn their focus on Phil Bryant’s appointee to succeed Thad Cochran. I cared not a bit about the Wicker race. It was a non-issue for us at that moment. I felt that we had made a gracious move.
Ryan felt he made a gracious move because he stopped attacking Roger Wicker. Forgive me, but that is pure bull. Why did he stop? Because Roger Wicker was no longer his target. His attacks could not hurt Wicker, who is sure to be elected. Grace would be ceasing attacks when Wicker was still his target, when he might be able to hurt Wicker. This was not grace, but the political decision to change targets since his friend and brother was no longer running against Wicker. If this is Ryan's graciousness, please let us be spared his love and mercy.

Typical reality problem:
In a hasty tweet I wrote: “@msdemocrats @richardboyanton @dbaria We’re ready to help you take down @rogerwicker! Time for him to go! You’re welcome to all our research! #mssen #RememberMississippi” And I must admit the first part of the tweet certainly could have been better stated. But consider the next part: ‘You’re welcome to all our research.’ I meant what is on our site now and what is to come later. I’m not going to pull the Wicker pieces down and we now have more in the works. Those published pieces will stay on our site. But I’m not going to endorse the Democrats, send them any information, or help them in any way, yet they are free to use anything they can FROM THE SITE in the fall campaign. That’s all I meant by that tweet.”
The trouble Ryan has is that what he “meant” is NOT what he said. What he said was that he was offering his help to “take down” Wicker and was offering not only what was on his site. The Democrats are welcome to “All our research!”

Typical Argument:
Of course, Governor Phil Bryant, who is angry with me for blowing up his phones over the Cochran vacancy, wrote a snarky reply: ‘As it was written long ago: And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.’ This from a man who just appointed a Democrat to the US Senate (talk about hypocrisy!), so he has absolutely no credibility to say anything to me!
The Governor is mad with Ryan for “blowing up his phones.” No doubt Ryan wears this as a badge of honor. He tried to bully the Governor, and the Governor was irritated! Whose sympathy is not with the Governor on this one? I get irritated getting called once or twice a month by a recording telling me there is nothing wrong with my credit, but still they’d like to talk to me about it.

Then Ryan Walters, the master of the attempts, if not success, at snarkiness, complains that the Governor wrote a snarky reply. I don't care for the Govrernor's misuse of the words of our Lord, but it was snarky to respond to Ryan's tweets with a statement about truth and the freedom that comes with knowing it?

Then, according to Ryan the Governor appointed a Democrat to the Senate. A plain untruth. Cindy Hyde-Smith has twice now been elected to statewide office as a Republican. Ryan’s complaint is about the same as some disgruntled Republican in California complaining that the Republicans were running that Democrat, Ronald Reagan, for Governor. And Ryan thinks it’s Phil Bryant who is the hypocrite!

Then Ryan clinches his argument with another piece of irrefutable logic: The Governor “has absolutely no credibility to say anything” to Ryan. I am sure the Governor will spend his whole day worrying about not having any credibility with Ryan Walters. What worse could happen to the Governor?

Watch for These

If Ryan deigns to respond to this Blog, watch for how long it takes for him to say that The Curmudgeon is "some kind of preacher" or to write,"And a preacher wrote this!" Apparently Ryan holds preachers to a different standard of commenting than he holds himself. But the more important and serious issue is that Ryan seems not to be able to make the distinction between the office of a minister and the same person's rights as a private citizen. He seems to think that those who are ministers may write as private citizens about public subjects, never once invoking ministerial authority, and still be accused of misusing the ministerial office.

Watch for how long it takes for Ryan to accuse me to being a "troll," specifically that I have trolled him and Keith Plunkett. Ryan's definition of a troll is someone of a different opinion from his who dares engage in the free exchange of ideas.

Watch for how long it takes Ryan to call me a "nut." Now in some ways I don't mind being identified with Earnest T. Bass, but at the same time I remember what my father-in-law said so often: "Takes one to know one."

Watch for Ryan to scorn me becausue I am old. Apparently in his Sunday School, he never learned: 
Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man... (Leviticus 19:32). 
Then watch for Ryan to call on all good, righteous, reasonable persons not to pay any attention to what I write, and, when possible, to block me so as not to have to be exposed to my dangerous writing. Apparently Ryan's devotion to the First Amendment does not match his devotion to the Second. 

But you won't find me complaining like this:
I've never felt this much hate from the establishment. Even in 2014. Each day brings a new attack, another lie. More junk!
And I'm just a little guy from Ellisville, Mississippi.
But I will say that I am just a little old guy from Water Valley.

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