I Play 43 Race Cards

And Show My Hand 

There are lots of things I'm interested in, concerned by, irritated by, and care about. The relationship of the church to politics. Christians who want to Christianize everything. The Bayly Brothers. The Civil War, WW I, and World War II. The Chris McDaniel faction the MS Republican Party. Ronald Reagan. Robert E. Lee. George Patton. Winston Churchill. The rigid absolutists in the national party. Tractarianism and being in the evangelical minority in my denomination. Death. Nancy Pelosi. When to pull the garlic in my winter garden. The Florida Gators. Cornbread. Traffic cops. Walker Percy. Shelby Foote. Mississippi. Jerry's Drive-in. Pensacola. My Daddy. 

But as the list below shows, I have an interest in race. I was such a liberal on race when I was a campus minister that it got my in big time trouble and led to my being abandoned by friends. But now, while having the same views that got me in trouble then, I am considered by some to be a racist - and a racist of the worst kind, an intransigent one who won't admit to himself the truth. Such is the change in the conversation about race, society, culture, politics, and the church over a 40 year span.    

So, I thought I would gather together the things I have written touching on race, first at my old Blog, The Christian Curmudgeon and then at my new Blog, Just a Curmudgeon. I believe they are arranged in chronological order. 

31. Black Lives Don't Matter to Jesus That Way

32. This Does Not End Well for the PCA

33. Why This Doesn't End Well for the PCA

34. The PCA Has Got to Get Its Mind Right on Race

35. Thabiti and Mike: What Would Jesus Preach?

36. Sorry, I Don't Feel Your Pain

37. The Right Not to Be Upset

38. Is Martin Luther King in Heaven?

39. People Ought to Care What Michelle Higgins Says

42. Critical Race Theory, RTS, and SBTS

43. I Think I've Been Intellectually Snobbed


  1. Bill,
    It will take a while to review all of these. But I had another thought. Our mutual friend PK told me once that there are only 2 laws in psychology. I remember only one-Festinger's law. simply stated it says when logic confronts emotion not only will emotion not be convinced, it will be entrenched. I think you are battling people holding emotional viewpoints and no amount of logic will win them over. JR

  2. Although I agree with you on most issues of race I disagree with your categorization of yourself as being "...in the evangelical minority in my denomination" (that last word being a term that I find myself increasingly disliking). I was ordained a deacon and later a presbyter in the Reformed Episcopal Church (which, I presume, is the "denomination" to which you refer) and found most of the laity and as well as the clergy to be evangelicals in the classic sense during the nearly 17 years that I spent among her ranks. In that time I knew of a number of clergy who went elsewhere because it was too decidedly evangelical (that was not the reason for my own recent departure).

    Coming from a Presbyterian background such as yourself I agree that there are elements of the REC that are "higher church" (a sloppy term), but that does not negate their evangelicalness nor -- it is possible to be a high church evangelical.


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