The Curmudgeon's 2017 Top Ten

The authorities of my young life always told me that, "Everybody's doing it," is not a good reason to do it. Parents, school teachers, youth group leaders would ask, "If everybody was setting themselves on fire, would you do it?" That seems to clench the argument until you think, "Well everybody's not setting themselves on fire, but they are going to the dance, or wearing their hair longer, or seeing Alfie." 

I have noticed that everybody, including Bloggers, is posting year end top 10 lists. This seems good enough excuse for me to do so, too. Now I don't qualify to play with the Davids who slay their 10s of 1000s, or even the Sauls who slay their 1000s. But that doesn't stop me from joining in the boasting - er, telling others how my humble efforts have been used. 

So, here are my top 10 Blog posts of 2017. I give the title linked to the Blog post, tell the number of looks (which is not the same as number of readers) the post got, and provide a brief description of the content of the post.

1. The Regulative Principle Doesn't Work (3426) I point out the liturgical chaos in the Presbyterian Church in America, which holds the regulative principle of worship, and argue for the prescribed worship of The Book of Common Prayer.

2. Who Cares What Tim Keller Thinks?
(3256) I respond to Tim Keller and 99 other evangelical leaders who wrote the President to tell him the Christian view of refugees and immigration.

3. Critical Race Theory, RTS, and SBTS (2772) I describe Critical Race Theory and its influence at Reformed Theological Seminary and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

4. People Ought to Care about What Michelle Higgins Says (2757) I describe Michelle Higgins' (a black female on staff of a PCA church in St. Louis) race views and analyze a poem of hers.

5. It Was All Over Before Terry Johnson Entered the PCA (2370) I respond to the Rev. Terry Johnson's lament about the worship he experienced at the 2017 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America.

6. The Dishonoring of an Honorable Man (1955) I write of the character of Dr. Morton H. Smith and about the failure of Reformed Theological Seminary to be represented at his funeral.

7. I Think I've Been Intellectually Snobbed (1819) I respond to Dr. Sean Lucas' and Dr. Otis Pickett's responses to my Blog on Critical Race Theory (#3 above).

8. What about Hugh Freeze? (1783) I write about former Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze, a professing Christian whose moral scandal led to his resignation.

9. Russell Moore Lives, but There Will Be Blood (1693) I write about controversies surrounding Russell Moore, head of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission, because of his views of and involvement in politics and certain social issues.

10. Does John Piper Believe in Salvation by Works (1225) I explore the controversy regarding John Piper's view of works in relation to salvation by faith, now and at the judgment.

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